Thursday, 19 March 2015

2015 Geneva Auto Show - Skoda unveils the new Superb

From Middlesbrough to Geneva and back again

Tony Slack Managing Director speaks to our marketing man, Keith Palmer

A 24-hour round trip to Geneva, found Derek, Steve, Craig and Tony at the 85th International Motor Show featuring world premieres from the motor industry. ŠKODA’s appearance at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, highlighted the brand’s stunning dynamics in shape of the new ŠKODA Superb and the premiere of the sporty new Fabia Monte Carlo and the racy Octavia vRS 230.

The new Superb brings the exciting design of the 'ŠKODA VisionC' show car finally into production. The Superb’s outstanding design and engineering qualities, (along with class-leading space) positions the Superb as the new benchmark in the automotive mid-class range setting new standards in room and comfort.

Tony explained how, “Whilst admiring the striking sharp creases and surfaces, our attention was drawn to comparisons to the delicate work of origami by an equally impressed admirer ,  we nodded in unison- while still trying to process such cultivated wisdom .”

“Folds in the front bumper are equally precise, along with new high-tech lamps. The new Superb is similar in length to its predecessor, but the wheelbase is now 80mm longer. Inside, the quality continues with class-leading enormity, Being well over 6ft, the Superb’s (best in segment) head and legroom didn’t go unnoticed, I resisted the temptation to catch 40 winks in the back seat. I even spotted an umbrella tucked away in each of the front doors. Definitely bound for the UK market!”

“Safety features include standard multi-collision brake, Front Assist, City Emergency Braking, Automatic Distance Control, Proactive Occupant Protection, Lane Assist, Congestion Assistant, Blind Spot Warning, Reverse Parking Assistant, Emergency Assistant, Fatigue Detection, Speed Limiter, Traffic Sign Recognition, Hill Start Assist and an Electronic Tyre Pressure Monitoring system. Did you get all that?”

“Very smart is the high-speed internet connection, the Superb is the first ŠKODA hotspot on wheels using a new infotainment system automatically connecting to your smartphone. Why would I ever feel the need to leave this car! I’m told with the ŠKODA Media Command app, you can operate the infotainment system from the rear using a tablet device. Derek asked if someone could please explain but we replied how it’s a generational thing.”

“The new Superb also boasts record values in consumption and emissions. New engines (five petrol and three TDI common-rail diesel), and weight reduced by up to 75kg, along with better aerodynamics, means the new model consumes up to 30 per cent less fuel, emitting less CO2 than previously. Despite the reduced consumption, the new engines actually provide up to 20 per cent more power on the road. Four-wheel drive is also available. Oh I just love it!”

This left Tony just enough time to mention the powerhouse new ŠKODA Octavia vRS 230 also making its premiere in Geneva. Tony added, “The racy design, and sporty interior, are equaled only by modern technology and impressive power. The ŠKODA Octavia vRS 230 is the first ŠKODA to feature – as standard – an electronically controlled front axle differential lock for more dynamic cornering. The ‘230’ designation relates to the new vRS special edition’s horsepower, which helps accelerate from 0 to 62mph in just 6.7 seconds with its 230bhp two-litre petrol engine. The car’s top speed is 155mph, (not that you would ever drive that fast- right?) making the ŠKODA Octavia vRS 230 the fastest series-produced Octavia of all time.”

Before dashing off to another award ceremony in Spain, Tony finished off mentioning the new, sporty Fabia Monte Carlo. "Available in both saloon and estate versions the Fabia really shows off in the Monte Carlo edition. With black 17-inch alloy wheels, black design elements on the exterior, tinted rear and rear side windows and a tinted panoramic glass roof it’s as mean as, well… a really mean thing!”

He didn’t mention the interior includes, a three-spoke sports leather steering wheel, black interior and sports seats with individual design.

Tony Slack has left the building.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The new SKODA Fabia in Middlesbrough

The new attention stealing SKODA Fabia, is following a tradition of innovating creative commercials. Take a look at the new mind-boggling advert. We think it’s a brilliant idea to promote the new Fabia’s superb styling.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The new SKODA Fabia launch weekend in Middlesbrough

The new SKODA Fabia launch weekend starts Friday 30th January at Derek Slack Motors. Book your test drive. Supremely spacious, well equipped, good to drive and undercuts its main rivals on price. It''s a brilliant choice and is thoroughly deserving of our 2015 Car of the Year award.

Thursday, 8 January 2015


Derek Slack Motors, (main dealers for Isuzu on Teesside and North Yorkshire) enjoyed a record-breaking year of Isuzu sales during 2014, coinciding with Isuzu UK's highest sales in twenty-two years since 1992 with the Isuzu Trooper.

Tony Slack, dealer principal said, "Demand for the D-Max in the first quarter of the year was so strong that by the end of March we decided to raise our sales forecast. Throughout the second and third period demand remained as strong as ever, accumulating in our best year ever."

Tony continued, "I believe Derek Slack Motors - Isuzu success story is due in part, to our close proximity to both large urban and rural communities. The Isuzu D-Max is designed for rough terrain, so it's no surprise the D-Max has become popular with construction companies and farming with its pulling power and workhorse capabilities, offering reliability, durability and economy."

 Isuzu outperformed both Ford and Nissan enjoying its best ever market share.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Derek Slack Motors reveal the legendary ŠKODA 966 Supersport now restored to former glory

World's only surviving example goes on display at museum in Mladá Boleslav
“The ŠKODA 966 Supersport provides an important testimony to our history in motorsport, and conveys perfectly the atmosphere of legendary lap racing from the second half of the 20th century,” said Michal Velebný, head of the restoration workshop at ŠKODA. “Given the uniqueness of this vehicle, it is one of the most interesting exhibits at the museum.”
The world's only surviving example of a ŠKODA 966 Supersport has been restored to its former glory and now has pride of place at the company’s museum in Mladá Boleslav.

Just three racing-edition 966 Supersport cars were built in the 1950s. Last seen on the track in 1962, only one has survived to this day. For many years it was owned by the Slovakian racing driver Ivan Mičík, but the ŠKODA museum bought the car in 2007 and its extensive renovation began.

“The ŠKODA 966 Supersport provides an important testimony to our history in motorsport, and conveys perfectly the atmosphere of legendary lap racing from the second half of the 20th century,” said Michal Velebný, head of the restoration workshop at ŠKODA. “Given the uniqueness of this vehicle, it is one of the most interesting exhibits at the museum.”

Early success – then disaster
The ŠKODA 966 Supersport made its racing debut in May 1950 in Mladá Boleslav, but just two races later it was so badly damaged it had to be replaced. An additional vehicle was also produced, because the factory team wanted to race two cars, and it’s this third car that has been preserved.

Its first race brought immediate success, as Miroslav Fousek took second place in the 1100cc category at the Czechoslovakia grand prix on 24 September 1950. Victory came just a few months later in the sports car category at the Liberec races.

Both Supersport cars competed in numerous races and ŠKODA continued to improve them, especially the engines. The assembly with a displacement of 1089cc was originally derived from the ŠKODA Tudor, but this was given a new aluminium cylinder head with hemispherical combustion chamber. There was a version with atmospheric aspiration and two carburettors, and the most powerful version with one or even two compressors. It was easy to tell the vehicles apart by the height of their bonnets; the turbocharged version had a lower bonnet while the other had a large bulge to accommodate two carburettors.

The fastest car in Czechoslovakia
ŠKODA later increased the engine capacity to 1221cc and then, in the final phase of development, a new prototype 1500cc engine was installed with either four carburettors and/or two compressors. The engine with carburettors achieved 90bhp and the supercharged version 180bhp.

A condenser was placed in front of the compressor to improve cooling and the designers improved aerodynamics by lowering the radiator grille and making the suction opening more oval. All the hard work paid off in the autumn of 1953, when Václav Bobek achieved a new speed record of 123mph in the version with two compressors, making the ŠKODA 966 Supersport the fastest car in Czechoslovakia.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

When even nightmare jobs are no match for a pick-up professional

The Isuzu D-Max Blade available at Derek Slack Motors in Middlesbrough, now stars alongside zombies in a new online video advert. 

Isuzu UK’s largest and most far-reaching online advertising campaign, due to air from Saturday 11 October, features a ghoulish theme appropriate for the time of year, depicting the special edition Isuzu D-Max Blade pick-up as the hero in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic city.
As well as showcasing the vehicle’s zombie-dodging capabilities, the campaign demonstrates the versatility of the D-Max Blade in an urban environment, tackling the most nightmarish of jobs. Tough, reliable and refined, the D-Max Blade is perfect for everyday heroes that need a dependable sidekick for work and leisure, whether it’s running a few errands, hauling 3.5 tonnes on a trailer, or facing a zombie attack.
The special edition Isuzu D-Max Blade double cab pick-up boasts a long list of stylish and technological enhancements to stand out from the crowd. Bold 18-inch, six-spoke ‘Shadow’ alloy wheels, contrasting black load-bed bars and privacy glass ensure it looks the real deal.
Inside, automatic climate control and premium black leather seats cosset occupants, and there is also a 6.1-inch touchscreen navigation system – complete with integrated rear safety camera – and enhanced surround-sound audio.
Fitted with an efficient 2.5-litre twin-turbo diesel engine, which can be mated to a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission, the D-Max Blade produces 163 PS and 400 Nm of torque and is certified to tow a class-leading 3.5-tonnes (braked). Every new D-Max comes as standard with the company’s pioneering five-year / 125,000-mile warranty.