Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Derek Slack Motors Help Drivers Keep Their Cool

Tony, our dealer principle has asked me to remind customers about the benefits of checking their air conditioning system. I'm a bit new to this blogging, but here goes...

Here's how Derek Slack Motors can help clean up your car air conditioning before hot weather hits. 

Bacteria in air conditioning systems can cause unpleasant smells and allergies which can become a real problem.

A Bi-annual check should prevent expensive breakdowns and enhance performance.

It’s unlikely that many drivers will have thought about their car’s air conditioning over the past few months. As spring brings the warmer weather we at Derek Slack Motors recommend an air conditioning clean-up to prevent the system from harboring microbiological growths that can cause unpleasant odours.

During the life of a car, micro-organisms can get trapped in the evaporator fins of a vehicle’s air conditioning unit.  Left to their own devices these can breed and will often cause a very nasty smell and, in some cases, an allergic reaction. 

Although some high street stores sell deodorising products, most simply mask the smell and don’t tackle the root cause of the problem.  At Derek Slack Motors, however, our expert aftersales team lead by me Craig Parry, is offering customers a treatment that eradicates the micro-organisms as well as the unpleasant odour. Yippie!

In addition to the clean-up treatment, Derek Slack Motors also recommend that drivers have their vehicle’s air conditioning serviced every two years to ensure the system is operating at optimum performance.  For only £79.95 inc. VAT, our comprehensive, multi-point service covers the following areas...

1. Drain, evacuation and recharge of refrigerant gas, including a visual check for air conditioning oil contamination.

2. Checks to make sure the cabin is being cooled, warmed and dehumidified correctly, that switches and controls are in working order and that clean, cool air is distributed through all vents.

3.Visual checks of the key air conditioning components such as cooling fan and plenum chamber.

4. A visual check of ancillary components such as lines, hoses pipes and connectors.

5. Visual inspection of the pollen filter, housing and seals.

6. System decontamination to remove any bacterial or microbiological build-up.

7. Record in the service book.

Available on most makes and models

I've already had my air conditioning serviced, so the only bad smell you'll find in my car this summer will be my feet!

Thanks for reading

Craig Parry

Aftersales Manager

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