Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Subaru Impreza GB270 for sale in Middlesbrough

When Subaru released the limited edition Impreza GB270 with only 400 models available in the UK, the stainless steel mesh grille and huge rear wing with silver alloys had everyone with a Subaru itch scratching. It quickly became a legend in its own time as the WRX was undisputedly the most capable all-weather performance car around. So imagine how excited we all got when a GB270 found its way onto our sales forecourt. Just £16,995 separates one lucky Subaru fan from this hoot to drive WRX. What I really like about this vehicle is how quickly you can get back on the throttle mid-corner, but hey, if you’ve driven a WRX, you’ll already be familiar with its ability to out perform most performance cars. The Prodrive Performance Pack increases the engine’s output from 226bhp to 266bhp. We do however always advocate responsible driving with safety in mind.

So if you fancy a bit of bargain, or even just a drool, why not call into Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Subaru on Teesside.

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Tony Slack

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