Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Subaru XV has been voted the best SUV of 2013 by 4x4 Magazine.

4x4 Magazine, published by Kelsey Publishing said of Subaru's SUV;
"The SUV class in 4x4 Magazine's 4x4 Of The Year test is one of the most competitive. The Subaru XV was an interesting new arrival in that class, which did much to impress the judges. For a vehicle which obviously spends most of its time on road, it is such an enjoyable drive, involving the driver in a positive manner. It also boasts promising fuel economy potential. When we took it off road, given the obvious limitations of ground clearance, the Subaru completed our test route with ease. But what nailed it for the brightly coloured XV, was Subaru's ETCo (Everything Taken Care of) customer service package, which has to be one of the best around. So, well done the Subaru XV, 4x4 Magazine's SUV Of The Year 2013." For a closer look at the Subaru XV visit Derek Slack Motors.

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