Tuesday, 16 June 2015

ŠKODA roots in the Czech Republic

In 2015 more than seventy thousand ŠKODA trees are going to take root in the Czech Republic

With the support of its employees, ŠKODA AUTO has selected tree planting as a symbol of the company’s focus on social responsibility ecological values. Since 2007 ŠKOA AUTO has planted one tree for every car sold in the Czech Republic. As a result the ‘A Tree Planted For Each Car Sold in the Czech Republic’ project has allowed for more than 480,000 trees in more than fifty locations to be planted before the end of 2014. In 2015 the project is going to support planting another 70,200 new trees in selected regions of the Czech Republic, reflecting the number of ŠKODAs sold in the domestic market in 2014. Since the very beginning the company employees have actively participated in the project. They help searching for suitable locations, propose areas for planting and often get their hands dirty in the planting process itself. Such active participation strengthens the employees’ bond with the place where they live and work.

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