Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Whitby Connection


Friends reunited at
Derek Slack Motors

Two old friends, Andy McCarthy and Mark Calvert are back together as new faces working at Derek Slack Motors having both spent time at Harrisons MG Rover on Upgang Lane in Whitby. The pair bring a wealth of motor-trade experience to the expanding SKODA and ISUZU dealership on Cargo Fleet Middlesbrough.
Andy from Whitby began by saying; ‘This is an exciting opportunity to be working once again with a family run dealership with SKODA roots spanning almost 25 years. Meeting up with Mark brings a real Whitby connection to the dealership and it’s a perfect time to be reunited during a period of SKODA expansion making the dealership one of the largest operations in the UK.
Andy continued, ‘We both enjoyed our time with Harrisons MG Rover, but lost touch when I began working for DeVries Honda in Northallerton, Stockton and Scarborough and for those of you with even longer memories at Arundale Nissan on Whitby’s Stakesby Road.
Before joining the Derek Slack Motors team, Mark Calvert served his apprenticeship with Universal Garage, in the company of Singer cars and Fordson tractor. Mark also spent time working as a mechanic with Cleveland Police, before leaving our shores to work in Africa and Singapore.
‘I came back to the north east In 1993 working with Cowie Redcar and Dawwoo cars in Hartlepool. Andy and I go way back. Before Harrisons became a Ford Service Point, we enjoyed working together with MG-Rover in our home town of Whitby. Being back together after all these years to work in a family run dealership once again, and with such an exciting future is a remarkable story.

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