Tuesday, 15 March 2016

SKODA Colour Corner coming to life

Cold and grey isn't the ŠKODA way! Recently, North London residents were greeted with an unexpected burst of technicolour as ŠKODA transformed a wintry street.

SKODA has proven its ability for quirky creative marketing by transforming a north London street with colourful felt. Louise Evans to transformed the street with beautiful felt leaves, flowers, birds bees and insects. 

Colour psychologist Karen Haller picked out the experiential campaign’s palette – a mix of blues, reds, yellows, oranges and greens. Already dubbed Colour Corner, the activity was designed to celebrate Škoda’s new Colour Edition Fabia models, as well as highlight the joy associated with the arrival of spring. Video footage of the street’s residents discovering the transformation was uploaded to Škoda’s UK YouTube channel. 

Haller said: "There is an energy around springtime that doesn’t happen at any other time of year. Skoda’s explosion of colour drew an incredible reaction from passers-by of all ages, proving we are in need of an injection of colour after the long grey winter.

" Tony Slack-Managing Director at Derek Slack Motors added, “The brand has gained a reputation for its ad campaigns, which include a car made of cake and a monster truck ice cream van. The colour corner was a really great idea and another to add to the list ”

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