Tuesday, 26 March 2013

New Skoda Octavia better than Golf

The new Skoda Octavia has received a 5 star rating from ‘WHATCAR’ motoring press, the classy, spacious interior, with its huge boot, low company car tax bills and driving quality making the new Octavia a firm favorite. Although closely linked with the Golf using the same fuel-efficient 2.0 diesel engine with almost identical interior fittings, the Octavia’s extra family space and cheaper lease costs position it well ahead of the Golf.

In a recent company car review ‘WHATCAR’ April 2013, the Octavia was described as the cheapest with the Mazda 6, MG 6 and Golf all coming in more expensive as a leasing options. For family buyers no other car offers better value. It’s roomier and more advanced than its best-selling predecessor yet still manages to undercut the Golf. The Octavia 1.2 TSI petrol offers higher levels of space and specification for £1300 less. The range kicks off with a choice of two turbo petrol 1.2 and 1.4 engines, along with two diesel engines 1.6 and 2.0.

Froogle families and businesses will no doubt give the new Ocatvia a closer look over the coming months. With a starting price of just £15,990, a fuel efficient, economical engine annual road tax of only £30, and £40 a month less in company car tax, the Octavia offers value for money motoring.

To sum up, ‘WHATCAR?’ added, “we can hearlty recommend the new Octavia, quite possibly the most sensible car in the world.”

AM Licence and the Microcar

For many teenagers reaching their 16th birthday presents the opportunity to drive a moped or scooter on Britain’s roads for the first time. However, with parental concern based on safety, mams and dads might be interested in learning a new category of moped licence known as the AM Licence means 16-year-olds can now drive certain vehicles that look and drive like a car, but are no more powerful than a moped and not allowed to go faster than 28mph (45km/h).

The new category of moped licence introduced earlier in the year, and already popular in some European countries, known as the AM Licence means applicants can apply for the AM provisional licence eight weeks before their 16th birthday. The same provisional guidelines apply with a CBT test followed by a theory exam and a practical road evaluation test. However, it’s important to stress the road test is taken on a moped and not a four wheel vehicle.
Parents considering such a purchase might be interested in the Microcar range available at Derek Slack Motors which offer more safety than a two wheel moped. With an airbag fitted as standard and four wheel stability, robust body strength and class leading suspension and full driver external protection, the Microcar MGO and M8 (avilable in both petrol and diesel models) offer a safer alternative to the scooter or moped.
For more information on the new AM Licence and requirements to drive at the age of 16 call Derek Slack Motors or visit the link at:http://www.nidirect.gov.uk

Isuzu D-Max voted Pick-up of the year 2013

The Isuzu D-Max, (recently short-listed for the annual VansA2Z awards) has beaten stiff competition becoming 2013’s ‘Pick-up of the Year’. Facing a credible challenge from, Ford Ranger, Toyota Hi-Lux and Mitsubishi L200, the D-Max brushed aside any ‘also rans’ in what turned out to be a one-horse-race. Described by VansA2Z as, “A vehicle that can tackle a hard day’s graft and come back for more the next day” we think the D-Max is a worthy winner.

Jed Thirkle-Isuzu Sales Executive at Derek Slack Motors said, “ VansA2Z described the D-Max as a ‘workhorse and not a show pony’ and that’s an accurate description. The solid D-Max deserves the title as ‘Pick-up of the Year’. With a 2.5-litre twin-turbo common rail diesel engine and new six-speed manual or five-speed automatic gearbox’ the D-Max is more than nimble to drive. Combined with a 3.0 tone towing capacity and a payload capacity of over a tone and improved fuel figures, plus a generous five year/125,000-mile warranty, it certainly ticks all the right boxes for the work orientated pick-up driver.”

Available in a choice of three body styles, including four-door, five-seater double cab, two-door single cab and also a single rear-wheel drive model with a stretched single cab, you can budget your workhorse around your business needs. Lease-hire prices start from only £193 per month. Call Derek Slack Motors on: 01642 256100, Isuzu’s only Dealer of Excellence in Teesside and North Yorkshire. 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

2013 New Subaru Forester in North Yorkshire and Middlesbrough

Heading out onto the A66, it’s a long drive from Derek Slack Motors to the Tochigi prefecture, 5,874 miles to be exact (and that doesn't include the side roads) but this is the setting for Subaru’s secret test development centre in Japan. Hidden from prying eyes, the facility sits inside a mountain which Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru’s parent company), purchased over 20 years ago. They cut the top off and hid the facility inside. Contained within are numerous industrial buildings and an amazing array of roads with a steeply banked 2.5 mile high-sped oval rimming the dug-out mountain. This was the venue which greeted a select group of motoring press who drove several fourth-generation Subaru Foresters on and off road on the handling course, 40-degree slopes and the BIG oval.

The verdict?...Numerous changes define this new generation Forester beginning with a more muscular outer shell. Most noticeable are the new headlights, grille and hood with the largest change being the relocation of the external pillars. This offers a more streamlined profile and nearly 4-cm taller. 
2.5 litre petrol and 2.0 litre turbo diesel boxer engines are unchanged other than the diesel’s maximum torque arriving 200-rpm earlier at 1600-rpm. There’s also the return of a 2.0 litre base petrol option - the first time since 2003, producing 110kW/198Nm. The range-topping XT model will also drop to 2.0 litres.
Mechanically, the biggest news is the addition of Subaru’s Lineartronic continuously variable transmission (CVT) as the auto choice, replacing the outdated four-speed (five-speed on S-EDITION) torque-converter unit used on previous models. Only the 2.5 litre and 2.0 turbocharged petrol XT models will be available with an automatic transmission. The 2.0 litre base petrol will be available with six-speed manual, and the 2.0 turbo-diesel continues with the six-speed.
Good news on fuel consumption (which is lower for all models), assisted by the introduction of stop/start function. The thirstiest 2.5 litre petrol engine now returns 8.1 l/100km, turbo-diesel models 5.9 l/100km, and new 2.0 litre petrol variants return 7.2 l/100km. These figures all compare well with Forester’s immediate competition. The 2.5 litre models sit comfortably ahead of all key automatic all-wheel drive petrol alternatives, aside from the CX-5’s 6.9 l/100km figure (but with a smaller 2.0 litre engine).
No need to visit Tochigi, as the new 2013 Subaru Forester will arrive in our Middlesbrough showroom sometime in the spring. We’ll keep you updated.

New Skoda Octavia takes centre stage in Middlesbrough

The launch of the new Skoda Octavia took place on Saturday 16th March at Derek Slack Motors. Supported by VIP invitations, local radio and press advertising, anticipated turn out exceeded all expectations as Octavia customers filed through the showroom throughout the day. The motoring press had already whipped up media frenzy with accolades coming from every quarter. Ian Jarvis- Sales Manager at Derek Slack Motors said, ‘Prior to the launch we already had a long list of telephone bookings for test drives.’ There was no way to accommodate everyone on the day, but we have sequenced the bookings over a period of weeks.’  Anyone wishing to book a test drive should call now on 01642 256100

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New Skoda Octavia launch in Middlesbrough

Visit Derek Slack Motors this weekend to view the Octavia evolution. As the oldest Skoda dealer in the North East, the Octavia story unfolds in Derek Slack Motors’ showroom with a vehicle from each generation spanning over 16 years. To celebrate the launch of the new Octavia, our sales team have been busy assembling the Octavia story in the shape of five different models. Phil Cross, Car Sales Co-ordinator said, the Octavia has won over ‘canny’ car buyers through a combination of engineering quality, space and attractive price tags.

The vehicles in our showroom line up were all sold and serviced by Derek Slack Motors, many belonging to families who’ve purchased not one, but many vehicles over the years.  The new Octavia is full of clever technology, packaged elegantly into the timeless angles and lines showcasing Skoda’s new design language.

Call in for this not to be missed Octavia legacy story and witness the latest generation Octavia that pushes the boundaries of safety and space like no Octavia ever before.