Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Skoda Yeti Adventure

Looking for adventure?

Strange tracks have been discovered in Middlesbrough close to the entrance to Derek Slack Motors, Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough. Experts now agree the tracks could belong to a strange Yeti like creature with it’s lair somewhere along the A66. Tony Slack, dealer principle at Derek Slack Motors admitted, ‘It’s no secret, the Yeti’s been with us for several years now and although we’ve never tried to cover up its existence, tracks left during recent snow showed the new Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDI CR 140PS 4x4 Adventure can get around even in the very worst conditions'.

We asked Tony if conditions were right for us to catch a glimpse of the Yeti. ‘Sure', said Tony, 'I’m not very busy at the moment, follow me’. We slowly, tip-toed, tracing Tony’s own steps across the forecourt, holding our breath as he paused, eyes twitching left to right. ‘Have you seen it?’ we whispered. Tony turned with a smile so chilling it could have sent a shiver down the back of a penguin. ‘It’s over there’, he said pointing to a distant white shape across the forecourt. If adventure was staring us in the face, then you could forget bungee-jumping in the Alps, or Whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon. The Skoda Yeti Adventure was like nothing we could have imagined with numerous features including ‘Reef’ exterior package, with Matterhorn 17” alloys, silver roof rack and side panels with chrome strips as well as seat covers with silver trace design.

Our jaws hung open. ‘It’s incredible’, we gasped as Tony nodded in agreement. ‘How many are known to be in existence?’ we questioned in low whisper. ‘Only 1,680', came Tony’s sad reply and with £2,265 worth of outstanding free equipment, soon there wont be any left at all’.

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