Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Thinking of a new car in 2011 ?

Order December and beat the new year price increase plus either beat the VAT rise or even pay no VAT at Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Skoda, North East.

We know you’re busy preparing for Christmas but we thought you might be interested in some very special offers available on new Škoda cars ordered this month for 2011 delivery. All new Škodas will go up by approximately 3% on the first of January (as they do each year) on top of that the VAT will also increase by 2.5%. Škoda however will honour this year’s price plus, to frustrate the Chancellor, we’ll also price protect the 2.5% VAT increase on Yeti and Superb models. Fabia, Octavia and Roomster models will also benefit from ‘VAT free pricing’ if ordered this month but registered next year. For example that’s a saving of over £3000 on an Octavia vRS TDi which is also available with 0% APR finance.

You may have read in the press recently that some makes of new cars are in short supply. This is certainly the case for Škoda whose vehicles seem to get better and better and continue to appeal to an even larger market each year.

We (and all other Škoda dealers) are currently suffering from very low new car stocks, which doesn’t look to improve any time soon (orders ranging from 9 to 30 weeks delivery!). So, if you are planning on a new Škoda next year why not order it before the end of December, all we need is an hour or so of your time and a small deposit. In return you will have a new car to look forward to in 2011 but the pleasure of getting it at this year’s price and the small victory that you have beaten the Chancellor and made a saving!

Main dealers for Subaru in Teesside and North Yorkshire

Yesterday 20 December was the start of Derek Slack Motors new ITV campaign, featuring the benefits of driving a Subaru with their permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. We’ve already had many of you calling the garage with some encouraging comments. Subaru have been running their own national TV campaign as well as using social media for some funny interaction from Subaru owners (follow this link) http://on.fb.me/i6G6Ns

However, on a more serious note, a new pattern seems to be emerging with UK winters steadily worsening. Roads, rail services and airports, are all too easily becoming scuppered by very low temperatures and snow. So it’s no surprise more people are now looking to 4 wheel drive vehicles as their preferred method of transport. It’s also important to remember not all 4x4 are the same!

With the engine weight over the nose, front-drive cars have a slightly better chance of making headway in bad weather, while rear-drivers can all but forget hopes of gaining grip. There are no such issues with Subaru’s All-Wheel Drive.

All Subaru models feature the bonus of permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for even greater assured grip and better traction. How does it work? The ‘Vehicle Dynamics Control’ monitors if the vehicle is following the driver’s intended course through an array of sensors. If the vehicle approaches the limits of stability when cornering or avoiding an obstacle, the quick- thinking Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) transmission, distributes power to front and rear, enhancing straight-line traction, offering sure-footed grip through corners. Subaru knows the best way of surviving a collision is to avoid one.

Call Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Subaru in Teesside and North Yorkshire

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Derek Slack Motors on TV

We’ve been waxing lyrical about the benefits of Subaru’s unique permanent symmetrical all-wheel drive for some time now, even more so since our autumn turned suddenly wintery!

So, we thought it high time we transcended from traditional media platforms and spread our wings into the world of TV with a spanking new Subaru commercial. The campaign gets underway from Monday the 20th December ending 2nd January 2011.

It’s the first time Derek Slack Motors have advertised on TV, and although we’ve dabbled in radio and have a strong presence in the local press, TV is new for us and very exciting.

However, it’s not the only new area of publicity activity. 2010 also saw us embrace social media, so you can now find us tweeting on Twitter and enjoying some general chit-chat with our Facebook friends.

Plus, if you’ve enjoyed reading our blog why not become a friend and follow us in 2011!

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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Due Date - Official Trailer [HD]

Due Date. The film stars Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr in a buddy-comedy story which has been described as kinda Hangover meets Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The screenplay by Alan R. Cohen and Alan Freedland has Galifianakis as a wannabe actor who becomes the companion to an expectant father / businessman (Downey) as they dash cross-country in a Subaru to (hopefully) arrive in time for the childbirth.

Special Edition Fabia vRS S2000 comes to North East

Skoda has unveiled a stunning Special Edition Fabia vRS S2000 to mark the company’s success in this year’s intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC). Fitted with a 1.4 TSi 180bhp turbo charged and super charged engine, the car has a top speed of 139mph and accelerates from 0-62mph in just 7.3 secfonds. The engine is mated to a seven-speed, twin-clutch DSG that can operate in two modes-fully automated and manual Tiptronic.

The car will be availble in Rallye Green with a white roof, white 17” Gigaro alloy wheels and race livery similar to the IRC championship winning Fabia S2000.

Production is limited to 200 vehicles worldwide with only 20 cars allocated for the UK, Derek Slack Motors are delighted to be one of them.

We'll let you know when it arrives.

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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Subaru North Yorkshire

Think Subaru this winter

We are often lulled into a sense of false security by typical British weather. We expect it to be chilly and probably wet but snow... well, that’s something else altogether. While the rail services may be scuppered by the wrong leaves on the tracks, we are often slowed down by the wrong type of snow.

Of course, it is understandable. We are an island state. Our predominantly maritime climate means that we have to deal with very slippery slush, unlike the Scandinavians, who can compact and grade the snow to still drive on it.

Traction is better with AWD and all Subaru models feature an added bonus of permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for even greater assured grip. With the engine weight over the nose, front-drive cars have a slightly better chance of making headway in bad weather, while rear-drivers can all but forget hopes of gaining grip. There are no such issues with All-Wheel Drive.

When the weather turns for the worse, having All-Wheel Drive can help. There are no buttons to twiddle. You just start it and go. Traction on demand. Petrol or the more economical diesel. Subarus are made for snow but they do a pretty good job of making driving a lot safer and more economical during the rest of the year too.

The latest Forester and Outback have taken almost forty years to arrive at and they are the best by far over truly mixed surfaces. Boasting low centres of gravity and traction in abundance, a Subaru is the consummate all-weather transport vehicle for life in North Yorkshire, so it's just as well Derek Slack Motors are main dealers for Subaru, North Yorkshire.

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Free winter health check

Well there’s a cold snap in the air today, with Teesside motorists in particular enjoying more than their fair share of freezing fog and icy conditions. Last winter was one of the coldest on record. Icy roads can be annoying at best, dangerous at worst. At Derek Slack Motors, you can be sure your vehicle is fully prepared for whatever winter throws at us with a FREE winter Health Check. Our approved technicians can take care of your vehicle with a routine maintenance check. It usually takes only 30 minutes and can be carried out while you wait. Call now for an appointment.

Your check covers: tyres, lights, wiper-blades, battery, anti-freeze, screen wash and engine oil.

Safe motoring.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Subaru North Yorkshire

Just when I was getting used to the idea of autumn, suddenly winter arrived, with snow forecast on higher ground.

So I thought it might be a good idea to remind those who do more than their fare share of winter driving the benefits of AWD (all wheel drive) in particular the Subaru Forester.

Winter motoring can be difficult at the best of times, non more so than here in the North East, with many areas in North Yorkshire, the Durham Dales,Teesside and County Durham a challenge for any vehicle. We all remember too well the severity of our last long, hard winter which caused huge amounts of disruption.

Subaru has an uncommon answer in the shape of permanent Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD), providing you with both greater traction and increased safety. Also unlike other cars, Subaru’s AWD system provides perfect poise and balance with greater traction for more responsive handling, better cornering and more stability.

Combine the (AWD) handling with the punch of the Boxer Diesel engine and you have a vehicle superbly equipped to handle any winter challenge. Package all that uncommon engineering into the sturdy body of a new Subaru Forester and you have a vehicle that’s going to ‘tweak the nose of freezing temperatures’, ‘tickle the tummy of terrible roads’. Seriously, the Forester is so well equipped, for winter that once driven it’s hard to think how you ever managed.

When the Forester first arrived on the scene back in 1997 it’s all wheel drive capabilities and powerful engines earned it a bit of a cult following, and the new range of Foresters are far from sluggish with the 2.0 Boxer Diesel doing 0-60 in ten seconds. That’s more bhp (ps) than a Ford Kuga, Hyundai ix35 Style and a VW Tiguan, plus the range starts at a staggering £3,000 cheaper than the Toyota Rav4.

The Forester will also tow a braked trailer of up to 2,000kg. Another welcome bonus is the superb economy rate. The Forester excellent economy means it can cover 625 miles on a full tank, think of that when you consider a more expensive model like a Toyota Rav 4.

Plus for this month only, we’ve put together a special finance package allowing you to drive away a brand new Subaru Forester Estate 2.0D X 5-Door for only £329 per month at an incredibly low APR of only 7.4%

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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Isuzu Rodeo in North Yorkshire

We recently enjoyed a great day out in the company of Isuzu at their Rodeoactive Ride and Drive Day on the 29th October. Jed Thirkle and YT along with 8 others guests were put through their paces which included, clay pigeon shooting, archery, falconry plus the opportunity to drive the fantastic Rodeo on the special off-road driving course. Under some expert tuition it was incredible to witness just how capable the Isuzu Rodeo is when challenging North Yorkshire mud... effortlessly overcoming every obstacle thrown in its path, including steep slippery slopes, equally steep decents, deep water, boulders and just about anything else.

The event held at Duncombe Park, Helmsley, York, North Yorkshire was one of the first of it’s kind with over 80 people in attendance. It was good to meet so many new Isuzu owners along with a few familiar faces too!

As main dealers for Isuzu in North Yorkshire, Middlesbrough and Teesside, we can now really say we’ve had hands on experience putting the Isuzu Rodeo through the most challenge of all off-road driving conditions!

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Skoda Fabia vRS North East

Ever since the arrival of the sizzling Skoda Fabia vRS, we’ve been waxing lyrical about this super charged-turbo charged hot hatch... and it seems we weren’t alone. The Times’ Giles Smith was equally taken with the new Fabia vRS describing in his Saturday column how the Fabia vRS enjoys burning people off at traffic lights and ‘flies away from a standing start like a pea off a flicked fork handle.’ Giles continued with more lavish praise focusing not only on the vehicles 1.4 petrol turbo power, but also on its hot-hatch aesthetics and we quote ‘“consumption and emission figures of which people in entirely well-mannered cars would barely have the gall to dream.” All recognition to which the new Skoda Fabia vRS truly deserves. If you fancy a closer look at the Skoda Fabia vRS in Middlesbrough, or your looking for a Skoda Fabia vRS in Darlington, or Stockton on Tees, then visit Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Skoda in Teesside.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Skoda Service Challenge 2010

Congratulations to James Ward - Service Advisor at Derek Slack Motors, who was recently announced as one of the five finalists by Skoda for the ‘Skoda Service Challenge’ 2010 - highlighting the UK’s finest Skoda Advisors. The top five will now go head-to-head in the national final held on November 2010 at Milton Keynes. James has been with Derek Slack Motors for over a year, quickly establishing himself as customer friendly knowledgeable member of the service team. We’re delighted James has progressed through to the final stages of this event, the first of its kind with more than 250 people registered. The winners will be announced at the ‘Retailer of the Year Awards’ early next year. Good luck James!

WRX STI Spoiler

Even though your Subaru WRX STI is already unlike any other car on the road, you can also make it unlike any other WRX STI on the road. How? We all know the WRX STI comes generously equipped, however, you can still tailor your Subaru to your own style. The waist spoiler is just one of the stunning accessories that promises to make your WRX STI stand out from the crowd. Other accessories include: STI Gearnob, Duracon (6MT), Exhaust finisher, Fujitsu Ten Sat-Nav system, 19” alloy silver wheels, STI quick shift linkage (6MT). If you’d like to learn more about the new Subaru WRX STI or to see it in the flesh, visit Derek Slack Motors, Middlesbrough, Teesside.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Subaru Legacy Middlesbrough

If you’re thinking 4x4 this coming winter, think AWD in the shape of the stunning new Subaru Legacy at Derek Slack Motors in Middlesbrough. Soon the days will shorten with the roads becoming slippery, that’s when the quick- thinking Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) transmission, distributing power to front and rear, enhances straight-line traction and offers sure-footed grip through corners, whatever the North East conditions have to through.

On wet and icy roads front and rear wheel drives vehicles can easily lose grip and send the vehicle spinning dangerously. Subaru’s full time AWD, coupled with it’s state-of-the-art vehicle dynamics control, means extra peace of mind, allowing you and your family to relax in confidence. Include the highly acclaimed Boxer diesel engine, and a 5-star NCAP rating and you have one of the most desirable AWD vehicles on the road.

Chances are you’d expect the Subaru Legacy to come with a hefty price tag?...think again! You can now drive away a new Subaru Legacy Diesel Sports Tourer 2.0D SE from only £299 with a low typical APR of just 7.4% APR- so get your skates on!

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Tony Slack

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Skoda Superb Wins Best Family Car of the year award 2010

Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Skoda in Teesside are thrilled to see the Skoda Superb marching away with Auto Express’ ‘Best Family Car’ award 2010. The Skoda Superb certainly likes a scrap! Not content with seeing off traditional class rivals from mainstream brands, Skoda Superb is well equipped to rival cars from any class. The huge cabin and spacious boot ensure it competes on size, but there’s more to the Superb than its dimensions. Interior quality is excellent, with generous equipment levels. Go for the Elegance and specification as standard includes, leather upholstery to sat-nav. What’s everybody who has ever driven a skoda will knowthe Skoda badge guarantees tremendous build quality, plus the best aftersales service available.

The new 2011 STI WRX is back in Middlesbrough

Following last week’s post on the return of the new Subaru WRX STi saloon, we enjoyed so much interest we thought we’d publish another post to the blog. In case you didn’t know the new Subaru WRX STI is unlike anything else on the road. With a choice of 4 door or 5 door, it combines power, precision and performance with everyday practicality, putting it in a class of its own. This difference begins with the supreme balance and control that comes from Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and the Subaru Boxer engine. These two work perfectly together to create a harmony of power and control that extends to every component found on the WRX STI. Combined with

Subaru’s legendary spec.C suspension, the result is a vehicle that excites in every corner, exhilarates with every rev of the engine, and inspires every time you take hold of the wheel. Call into Derek Slack Motors, Prospect Place, A66 Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough, Teesside, TS3 8AR for a closer look.

Wilks aims for triple Škoda celebration in Scotland

Guy Wilks is aiming to give Škoda three reasons to be very cheerful on this year’s RACMSA Rally of Scotland (15-17 October). Adding to Škoda already being crowned 2010 Intercontinental Rally Challenge Manufacturers’ Champion, the Škoda UK Motorsport driver hopes to defend his title by celebrating back-to-back Rally of Scotland wins, while Škoda Motorsport factory driver Juho Hänninen will become IRC Drivers’ Champion on his first rally in Scotland, as he arrives with an unassailable lead in the series.

Driving a Škoda Fabia S2000 for the first time, Guy, together with co-driver Phil Pugh, won Rally of Scotland last year in sensational style, and that victory led to the formation of the Škoda UK Motorsport team and a programme in this year’s IRC.

This year’s Rally of Scotland takes place a month earlier than last year’s event, so the event organisers hope that the weather will be better than the torrential rain that made conditions exceptionally wet and muddy 11 months ago. Come rain or shine, the undulating forest roads of Perthshire and Stirling are regarded as some of the best in international rallying, with fast and flowing high speed sections, blind crests and technical parts meandering through the stunning Scottish scenery. You can find out more about SkodaUK Motorsport by visiting: http://www.skodamotorsportuk.com/

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Skoda North East

Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Skoda in the North East, are excited to announce the winner of Auto Express - ‘Car of the Year’ as none other than the Skoda Yeti. The unanimous choice was described by the judging panel as a ‘car that blends the looks of a compact MPV, but doesn’t demand the dynamic or financial compromises usually associated with either.’

They added, ‘the Skoda Yeti mixes tough Tonka toy looks, sharp handling and a high quality and spacious cabin with the brand’s famed value-for-money pricing and customer service. Its brilliant engine line-up ranges from the entry-level 1.2 TSi (arguably the sweetest of the lot (to a 168bhp 2.0-litre diesel, and buyers can also choose between two-wheel-drive or 4x4 models. In addition, the VW Group’s excellent twin-clutch DSG transmission is available as an option.’

‘Best of all is the price, as the Yeti range kicks off at less than £14,000. In a year that has seen the arrival of some truly special new cars, the Skoda Yeti is a worthy winner of Auto Express’ overall crown.’

A great accolade for a great car. If you haven’t yet test driven the Skoda Yeti, then call into our Middlesbrough dealership on A66 Cargo Fleet Middlesbrough TS3 8AR.

Superb wins Towcar of the Year title

Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Skoda in the North East are delighted to announce the Škoda Superb Estate is the Caravan Club’s Towcar of the Year 2011.

The Elegance 2.0 TDI CR model took top honor in its price category and went on to be voted overall winner of the competition. The Skoda Fabia also won the top award in the under £16,000 category.

A panel of 10 judges praised the Superb for its great performance when towing in a variety of situations and for its practicality as a caravanning family car.

After accepting the honor last night at the Royal Automobile Club in London, Škoda UK’s Head of Aftersales John Bower said: “Since it launched earlier this year, the Škoda Superb Estate has proven to be an extremely popular choice for drivers looking for luxury and style combined with practicality and spaciousness.

“Caravanners tend to make very educated and informed purchases and have extremely high standards when it comes to their cars, so receiving an award from the caravan industry experts is not only an excellent achievement but a real testament to the quality of the model.”

This is the third time the Škoda Superb has been named Towcar of the Year, with the first-generation saloon winning in 2003 and the new-generation twin-door model taking the top honour in 2009.

Full details about this year’s awards are on the Caravan Club website.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New Subaru WRX STi 4-Door Saloon Middlesbrough

Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Subaru in Teesside, are delighted to announce the arrival of the new shape, Subaru WRX STi 4-door saloon. The new WRX STI 4-door saloon is back with avengence featuring double twin exhaust, push button start and lots more! See it in our showroom, on Prospect Place, Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough, just off the A66.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Skoda Superb Middlesbrough

Recent changes to Skoda’s eco-friendly diesel version of the Superb hatchback and estate models are now offering huge benefits to motorists in the north east looking for better economy without compromising power.

WhatCar? magazine described the Skoda Superb as ‘an executive car at a family price’,
and we at Derek Slack Motors couldn’t agree more! The huge cavernous hatchback and estate models both receive smaller diesel engines that achieve more than the engine they replace. Stunning economy figures improve from 49.6mpg to an incredible 57mpg whilst emissions fall from 150g/km to just 130g/km.

Despite the the size of the engine decreasing from 1.9 litres to 1.6 litres, power and output remain the same at 105bhp and both the acceleration and top speed are unchanged at 12.5 seconds and 118mph.

Extra savings also come to private users following improvements in economy, with an additional 70 miles from every ten-gallon fill up. For company car drivers, the tax liability reduces because of the sheer desirability of this model on the second hand market, with residual values likely to be sky-high, meaning lower finance to fund the purchase or the lease. That’s great news for company car users in Teesside, North Yorkshire and County Durham.

If only every company car could achieve the same level of C02 reductions and improved economy it would be the equivalent of taking millions of vehicles off the road.

Skoda Superb drivers will already be familiar with the executive-style build quality that is a match for any of its German rivals, the VW based Superb is one of the most spacious family sized models on the market. It also features a unique boot lid called Twindoor, allowing the vehicle to become either a saloon or hatchback, depending on witch catch is pressed, with 430 litres of luggage space beneath.

The estate version is one of the largest in it’s class, offering up to 1,865 litres with the seats down, which is significantly more than a Volvo V70 estate. Standard kit throughout includes alloy wheels, air conditioning, traction control, electronic stability control, four electric windows and a five star NCAP safety rating.

If you’d like to take a closer look at the Skoda Superb, please call into our showroom at Prospect Place, A66 Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough, Teesside. TS3 8AR

Isuzu Middlesbrough

Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Isuzu in Teesside, held their first ever stand at the recent Stokesley Show on Saturday 18th September 2010. It was great meeting so many visitors to a show celebrating its 151st anniversary, having being in existence since 1859.

Lots of people introduced themselves, many of whom were old Derek Slack Motors’ customers, but there were new faces too, spending time at our stand admiring the Isuzu Rodeo Range. As Teesside’s main dealer for Isuzu, we carry a comprehensive stock of both new Isuzu Rodeos and used Isuzu Rodeos. Here’s a quick link to our Isuzu Rodeo webpage: http://bit.ly/bc6ntF

The Isuzu range starts at just £12,149 with the Isuzu Rodeo Denver 2.5 Double Cab 4x4 only, £299 +VAT featuring the new Fang Grille. The show was a great opportunity to spread the Isuzu message in and around Stokesley and North Yorkshire. We made so many new friends, we’re already looking forward to next year’s show. In between we look forward in seeing many of you visit our Isuzu dealership in Middlesbrough. TS38AR.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

60 Registration Middlesbrough

The new 60 registration plate, proved to be one of the most popular changes in years, with the help of many exciting new Skoda, Subaru and Isuzu models launched in 2010.

Skoda in particular introduced the breathtaking new Fabia vRS 1.4 TSi Turbo 178bhp DSG, a vehicle that’s already taken over the mantle as the ‘hot-hatch’. Plus, Skoda’s super efficient Fabia Greenline II, was launched as one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles ever produced. The VAT free offer on Skoda Octavia, Roomster and Fabia, coupled with 0% finance, also proved popular with Teesside’s discerning motoring public.

Skoda customers arrived from Darlington, North Yorkshire and County Durham in search of the Yeti. The Skoda Yeti is a huge success story, combining all the rugged strengths of a traditional 4x4 with the practicality and running costs of a hatchback, the £179 per month price tag made the Yeti and extremely attractive option.

Skoda’s Superb Estate (Top Gear’s ‘Luxury car of the Year’ - 2009) is still proving a winner amongst Middlesbrough and Stockton on Tees drivers looking for extra space without compromising luxury. With a class leading 1,865 litres of boot space, colour touch screen satellite navigation, bluetooth, and full leather upholstery as standard, the Skoda Superb Estate also comes with an attractive low interest rate and just 7.9% typical APR.

As main dealers for Skoda on Teesside, our competitive 60 registration, part exchanges prices haven’t gone unnoticed by other regional Skoda dealers. We’ve seen many new customers enjoy a far better trade in price for their old Skoda at Derek Slack Motors. We make no apologies, our aim has always been to help put North East Skoda drivers into a vehicle they can afford, by giving you the best possible part exchange price for your old Skoda.

That’s only part of the story. Subaru also enjoyed very good sales, with Subaru’s, Boxer Diesel engines playing their part in the shape of the, Impreza, Legacy, Forester and Outback range, all of which offered outstanding choice for the new 60 registration. As main dealers for Subaru in Teesside, Derek Slack Motors have also seen many 60 registration Subaru customers traveling from North Yorkshire and County Durham, attracted by our competitive part exchange prices and extremely well documented customer care and aftersales service.

Finally Isuzu’s Rodeo range with prices starting from as little as £12,149 offer lower running costs than most 4x4’s along with class leading fuel economy and emmissions. The new grille gives the Rodeo an even meaner edge. Many commercial users took advantage of the £299 per month offer (plus VAT which is reclaimable). We’re building a growing reputation as Middlesbrough’s leading commercial centre.

Thanks again for reading, and to everyone who choose Derek Slack Motors on Teesside as their choice for an 60 registration, Skoda, Subaru and Isuzu.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Best towing vehicle for caravans

With caravan holiday bookings up by 40 per cent in 2009, according to the Caravan Club, 2010 looks set to be another busy year for Isuzu’s load-lugging pick-up, the bionic Rodeo – a task the tough, reliable Rodeo relishes.

The highly successful 4x4 Rodeo already has a series of towing accolades to its credit, including being voted ‘Towcar Of The Year – Utility Class’ by the Caravan Club itself, ‘Working Winner’ in the annual ‘Pick-up Of The Year Awards’ run by specialist ‘4x4 Magazine,’ and ‘Best In Class’ by ‘What Van’ magazine.

The combination of performance and frugality, makes the 4x4 Rodeo a real winner, even more so with caravan owners looking to escape for the summer. I’m sure many of the Rodeos we’ve sold will be heading over to the North Yorkshire Coast.”

With service intervals a lengthy 12,000 miles including oil change and the warranty is a ‘bumper-to-bumper’ three year/60,00 miles plus six years’ anti-perforation cover, making it the perfect, practical, reliable vehicle for the family caravan holiday. Rodeo owners also benefit from full membership of Isuzu Assistance which provides three years’ cover comprising ‘at home’, roadside and European repair or recovery, providing piece of mind on those all-important family holidays.

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Isuzu Middlesbrough

If you’re a little like me, I bet you get sick and tired of seeing the same old commercials... and I don’t just mean on TV! Thanks to Isuzu at Derek Slack Motors in Middlesbrough, that’s all changed in the shape of the new Isuzu Rodeo Denver Max, 2.5 Double Cab 4x4. Without doubt one of the most attractive commercials on the road today, both in the flesh and on the pocket! For just £299 +VAT you can drive away the new shape Denver TD with it’s class-leading towing capacity of 3000kg and best-in-class economy and emissions. If you’d like to learn more or book a test drive, call me Ged Thirkell at Derek Slack Motors on: 01642 256100

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Subaru Impreza Middlesbrough

Since we first opened our doors as main dealers for Subaru in Middlesbrough, we’ve quickly established ourselves as one of the north east’s leading Subaru retailers for both sales, service and genuine parts. Derek Slack Motors have one of the largest selection of quality pre-owned Subaru Impreza in Middlesbrough. Plus for Subaru Impreza, North Yorkshire customers, we can offer you an unbeatable part exchange price for your old Subaru. In fact, for: Subaru Durham, Subaru Darlington, Subaru Newcastle, we’ll beat any part exchange like-for-like price quoted. Why not visit our Subaru home page on our website at: http://www.derekslackmotors.co.uk

Main Dealers for Skoda in Stockton on Tees

With July almost behind us and August beckoning, it’s incredible to think,

September is just around the corner and the start of the new ’60’ registration plate. Here at Derek Slack Motors, we’re all excited by the new Skoda product line up, including the new Skoda Fabia VRS, the Skoda Greenline II, (Skoda’s most environmentally friendly vehicle to date), not to mention the fabulous new Skoda Superb Estate and the Skoda Yeti. There’s also still time to get your hands on our special VAT FREE offer available on Skoda, Octavia, Roomster and Fabia. So if you’re looking to change your car between now and September, don’t forget Derek Slack Motors, are the main dealers for Skoda in Stockton on Tees, MIddlesbrough, Thornaby and Teesside. It’s also worth reminding you that, for Skoda Darlington customers, we can offer the best part exchange on your old Skoda, the same applies for Skoda Durham, Skoda North Yorkshire, Skoda Newcastle.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New Skoda Fabia vRS in Teesside

Well it’s finally here, the new Skoda Fabia vRS has just roared into our showroom at Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Skoda in Middlesbrough and Teesside. Such was the huge pre launch demand, we’d already taken several orders long before it arrived, so this will be the first opportunity for most people to have a peep. If you fancy getting behind the wheel for a test drive, why not pop along to our launch weekend on 29th July - 1st August, to fully appreciate the 1.4 TSi Turbo DSG 178bhp. I have to warn you, this vehicle squares up to all the hype- it’s truly awesome and not to be driven without due care, consideration and safety. Have fun!

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Two years free servicing on approved used, new shape Fabia and Roomster in Teesside

Every now and then, a real money saving offer comes along that makes everyone sit up and take notice! Our new Skoda upgrade plan might just be one of our best ever!

If you’re a Skoda Fabia or Skoda Roomster owner, you can now upgrade to an approved, used, new shape Fabia or Roomster and receive two years free servicing at Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Skoda in Middlesbrough, Stockton on Tees and Teesside. This limited offer is available throughout July and with prices starting from as low as £6495, (that’s only £109 per month), there’s never been a better time to upgrade your old Skoda. To take full advantage of this exclusive Skoda offer, please call Derek Slack Motors on 01642 256100 and arrange for a test drive and we’ll explain how we’ll pay your service payments for the next two years on your upgrade.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Derek Slack Motors, main dealers for Skoda on Teesside, are pleased to announce a fabulous new offer available on brand new Skodas. Excluding the Yeti and Superb, you can drive away a new Skoda from our dealership in Middlesbrough VAT FREE! Yes, VAT Free on Fabia, Roomster and Octavia, that represents a saving of up to £3,500 with the saving equivalent to 17.5%. We’ve already seen many repeat customers taking advantage ahead of the closing date of September 31st 2010. So if you live in Stockton on Tees, Middlesbrough, Redcar, Yarm, Whitby, or Darlington and you’re looking to buy a brand new Skoda, now is definitely the time to buy. Plus compare a new Skoda, to a new Ford, Citroen, Renault,Vauxhall, Seat or Toyota and you’ll see how much further your hard earned cash will go. Think more car for less money and Skoda comes out top for value in Teesside.

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Subaru Impreza WRX S Teesside, Co. Durham, North Yorkshire

An iconic Subaru special edition has arrived in our showrooms at Derek Slack Motors, Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough (main dealers for Subaru on Teesside) in the shape of the iconic Subaru Impreza WRX S. The head turning special edition Impreza, series tuned by Prodrive, has an aggressive body styling with Prodrive 18” GT1 alloys, Anthracite alloys, STi front and rear spoilers, STi black honeycomb grille and a Prodrive exhaust system. Offering 255bhp the symmetrical all-wheel Drive (AWD) ensures superb handling and stability even in the very worst of conditions. We have a limited number available at only £19,995, that’s a saving of over £2,000 on RRP. So if you live in Teesside, Durham, or North Yorkshire and you’re looking for a new Subaru Impreza, this is a rare opportunity to get your hands on a superb specification Impreza at a surprising price. Our Subaru sales team just love it!

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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Skoda win two Tow Car Awards

Yet more awards for Skoda, this time coming from Practical Caravan, who in association with The Camping and Caravanning Club and What Car? towed an astonishing 41 different vehicles in a quest to find the very best towing cars of 2010. So it’s with great pleasure Derek Slack Motors can announce two of the winners... the Skoda Octavia Estate 1.6 Greenline (with outstanding fuel economy of 64.2mpg and low C02 emissions of 114g/km) won the ‘Green Award’ while the second award in the ‘1575-1724kg’ towing category was picked up by the Skoda Superb Estate 2.0 TDi 170SE.

Judges were also impressed with the Octavia Estate’s, head and legroom and spacious boot, while the Skoda Superb Estate was also highlighted for it’s clever use of space and luggage as well as being a tremendous stable towcar.

So if you’re looking for fuel efficient, environmentally friendly tow car, or a powerful work-horse towing between 1575-1724kg, Derek Slack Skoda in Teesside is your answer. With record numbers of holiday makers also said to be staying at home this year, and caravan ownership on the increase, Skoda look set to be a safe bet for anyone towing a caravan or trailer tent during the summer. So if you’re new to Skoda, why not call into our Skoda dealership on Cargo Fleet Middlesbrough for a closer look.

You can read more on the awards at The Caravan and Camping website by visiting this link...  http://bit.ly/93Y5PX

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Tony Slack