Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Subaru service North East and North Yorkshire

If you live in the North East or North Yorkshire and you’re looking to service your Subaru, then you'll want to be sure your Subaru pride and joy is the loving hands of people who know what they’re doing. Introducing Chris Harrison - the official number one Subaru technician in the country and working right here at Derek Slack Motors in Middlesbrough.

Chris fought off some stiff competition from other UK Subaru finalists before becoming the UK’s Subaru champion to go through to Subaru’s, ‘World Technician Competition’ in Japan. Chris is now recognised as one of the top 12 Subaru technicians in the world and we’re delighted to have him at Derek Slack Motors.

‘It was a fantastic opportunity for me and one I’ll never forget, said Chris, who’s been with Derek Slack Motors since 2011. ‘Progressing through the UK finals and then to be chosen as the sole UK Subaru finalist was a real dream come true. The invitation to attend the competition in Japan was a real honor and to meet so many fellow
Subaru technicians and enthusiasts from around the world was a truly wonderful experience.’