Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Skoda Yeti top in the Auto Express Driver Car Power Survey.

Skoda Yeti is top in the Auto Express Driver Car Power Survey. Once again Skoda stole the show in the 2012 Auto Express Driver Power car ownership survey with the Skoda Yeti securing top place, closely followed by the Superb, (swapping positions from last year’s previous awards). It’s amazing to think it’s only taken the Yeti two attempts to win top place and one of those second. Winning three categories including, handling, reliability and ease of driving. Steve Fowler, Editor-in-Chief of Auto Express, said: "Skoda clearly knows a thing or two about keeping its customers happy. It builds cars people love, while its dealers do all they can to please owners. Skoda's advertising says that it's the manufacturer of happy drivers - this year's Driver Power survey shows it to be correct!" To find out more about the Skoda Yeti range including the new Urban Special Edition with £2,450 worth of extra equipment and the first ever Skoda to be sold in the UK with digital radio as standard, call Derek Slack Motors on 08433 201267 or visit our main website at: www.derekslackmotors.co.uk