Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Subaru BRZ arrives in the North East

Since its arrival, the new Subaru BRZ has caught the attention of everyone visiting Derek Slack Motors. Personally, I’m unable to walk through the Subaru end of the showroom without pausing, touching, ooh-ahing. For the moment I’m talking purely aesthetics. Yes, it’s beautiful, but there’s something else going on with this Subaru /Toyota collaboration. There’s a strong, almost disturbing desire to get in behind the wheel. I’m pleased to say I’m not alone with this fixation. The sound of the BRZ driver’s passenger door opening and closing has become a familiar echo in our dealership. The driving position is wonderful and I have to admit there’s a deep sense of longing to be alone on the open road. Sorry, that was me day dreaming again! Under the body (and now we’re talking technical) is the Subaru 2.0 flat-four front- mounted engine which goes under the code-name of FB20. Sounds a little like thunderbirds, but once you drive it, you’ll agree it’s fitting. The BRZ engine sits 12cm lower than the Impreza and a full 24cm further back, resulting in a 45.55% weight distribution. Thanks to the Toyota derived cylinder head and direct injection, the 200bhp BRZ speeds up faster than even I could have imagined. It’s also not without good reason, Subaru place a huge rev counter in front of you. 7000rpm produces 200bhp with a maximum torque of 151ib ft at 4000rpm.
AutoExpress descibed the BRZ as...”Subaru should be applauded for reigniting the classic rear-wheel-drive, front-engine sports car spark with the driver-focused BRZ.”
My apologies go out to the families of the Derek Slack Motors sales team if teas have gone by way of the dog. Taking turns of an evening sitting behind the wheel of the BRZ (however sad), has now become a way of life. Until you see it for real you’ll simply never understand why grown men behave they way they do with cars. It’s worth mentioning the Subaru BRZ has the exact same effect on the ladies too. If you’d like to stand in the que to sit behind the wheel of the Subaru BRZ, please visit Derek Slack Motors, home to Subaru in Teesside and North Yorkshire.

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