Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What Tow Car?

With more people choosing to spend their holidays at home this summer, it’s only natural

to see families searching for a vehicle that offers towing capabilities as people

look to caravaning and camping for their jollies!

Thanks to the growing number of ideal towing options now available from Derek Slack Motors, it was inevitable we’d build up a growing list of keen caravan and camping customers, all looking for the same practical solutions from Derek Slack Motors on Cargo Fleet in Middlesbrough. In particular, the Skoda Octavia Estate received 5 Green Stars from ‘What Tow Car’, the highest possible rating indicating a perfect match between car and vehicle. ‘What Tow Car’ has developed several online programs which can predict and compare the pulling performances of any car hooked up to a caravan. The programe also calculates the top speeds on flat roads and gradients, making the Skoda Octavia Estate the ideal towing car for you and your family.

The new Skoda Yeti 2.0 TDi, with the Skoda Octavia Scout and Subaru Forester, also make ideal vehicles for towing and come with a variety of purchase options, making your money travel as far as you do! Visit our website at www.derekslackmotors.co.uk to view the full range of vehicles.

We’re always delighted to offer our own free advice, so if you’re contemplating a holiday at home this year, or even a camping trip abroad, be sure to drop into Derek Slack Motors and we’ll see if we can hook you up with the perfect towing solution!

Thanks for reading

Tony Slack

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